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Re[2]: Question

> On Power Tools, "Strange
> > Meeting", what is Frisell using for his loops?? Thanks, James
> > jameshsidlo@stic.net
Steuart Liebig wrote...
> my guess is Electro Harmonix 16-second

I know he used the 16-sec early in his career... He moved to the Digitech 
PDS-8000 later on... I saw him around 93-94 with a JamMan and LXP1 on a 
but then saw him with the PDS-8000 back again more recently. He also had a 
DD-3 on the floor... 

Just from my own experience, the JamMan lacks the cool time-knob-twisting 
weirdness which the 16-sec and PDS-8000 have. Bill Frissell and Nels Cline 
really milk this aspect of their loopers to death!