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Re: Percussion, drums anyone?

At 01:02 28.10.98 +0100, you wrote:
>How many of you are of the above persuasion? That is,
>Well, I know there a few, though just a few, of you out there. Just felt
>like chattin' a little with youse. can mention what equipment you're
>using for starters and we'll take it from there.
>Hope to hear from you,
>Rob(erto Batteria)

one of my friends plays a huge dw drum together with yamaha a-3000 sampler
(loops, sounds, atmospheres), a lexicon jam man (loops) and a korg wave
drum. as control devices he's got an akai mpc-2000, a rimkat (or drumkat,
can't remember its name) with a few ddrum trigers (bd, sn, tt, ...) and a
boss dr5 drum computer.

he also works with some vintage effect pedals (for example he's got a
morley wahwah connected to his wave drum). 
he's got a godgiven ability to make really cool noises out of everything,
that gets in his hands.

if you wanna hear some of his' group's stuff, check out their hompage (but
their ain't much looping on these sound samples, 'cause these songs were
recorded a couple months after he got into looping, so please don't be