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Re: Percussion, drums anyone?

> How many of you are of the above persuasion? That is,
> drum/percussion/loopism? 

hey roberto...

in my duo.. my percussionist - who hates to type on this thing - uses a Kat
midi controller to trigger a Nano-synth (which we both think sounds
she also sometimes plays those 80s Boss pads (DRP I, II, III) - which are
also great and quite fine-tunable... an added feature of these is that a
mic can be mixed into their output, so you can loop any sound that goes
into the mic, percussion, voice, whatever...

for looping she uses the floor model digitech 8 sec delay, sometimes also
the 2 sec one.

sometimes she uses the roland sequencer MSQ 100, the first midi seq i

there ya have it - lo tech nonsense.

soundbytes of this madness are at the below site

Info on  JFK's LSD UFO - improvising duo..

official PROJECT/OBJECT site  http://www.jswd.net/projectobject
[frank  zappa tribute band i play guitar in]