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Re: echoplex or jamman?

At 03:04 PM 10/29/98 -0500, Dennis W. Leas wrote:
>Chuck Zwicky wrote:
>> I have used both. The jamman sounds so much better it's shocking. The 
>> is very noisy. The EDP uses pre-emphasis/de-emphasis in their converter
>> topology, this means that any signals with a lot of high end, like from 
>> fuzzbox, will overload or alias like crazy. The EDP sounds subjectively
>> dull or cloudy compared to the jamman.
>ah-hah! Ah-Hah! AH-AHAH!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!  This confirms that
some puzzling 
>problems I've been trying to solve as from the EDP itself!
>I play alot of high end stuff into my EDPs and I've had LOTS of trouble.
Just try a 
>tambourine.  The input level shows everything is kosher but IT SOUNDS LIKE
CRAP!  To control 
>the distortion I've resorted to a Behringer compressor and side-chained in
a high pass filter. 
> The tambourine sounds acceptable and my bass drum isn't compromised too
much.  I can really 
>hear the aliasing you mentioned when I play a ting-sha (sort of a heavy
finger cymbal) into 
>the EDP.

Again, you have the input too high, and you are clipping the digital audio
path. Set the input level correctly on the Echoplex, and you won't have 
problem. Use the tambourine as a reference signal, and refer to your ears
before the Level LED. When the tambourine sounds fine in a loop, you are 

BTW, it's not aliasing you are hearing, but the sound of a VCA clipping by
the excessive input level. It doesn't sound pretty, but the convertor is
recording it in the loop the way it gets it.

and FWIW, one of the most common complaints I heard about the jamman when 
first came out related to poor sound quality, especially too much noise. I
imagine they improved on that from the early units, as I didn't hear those
complaints later. maybe something to think about if you are looking for a
used one.

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