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Re: echoplex or jamman?

Kim Flint wrote:
> Again, you have the input too high, and you are clipping the digital 
> path. Set the input level correctly on the Echoplex, and you won't have 
> problem. Use the tambourine as a reference signal, and refer to your ears
> before the Level LED. When the tambourine sounds fine in a loop, you are 

As always, I appreciate your response, Kim.  But have you tried a real 
tambourine?  I 
don't have problems with real cymbals and drums.  I definitely have 
problems with the 
tambourine and ting-sha.  When I turn the gain down enough for the 
tambourine everything 
else is far too low.  I'm using a Shure SM-57 and a Tascam 1024 mixer.  I 
have the EDP 
plumbed into the AUX 1 and returning to a line-level channel.  I am 
especially interested 
in your response to trying a real tambourine.

- Dennis Leas