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Re: echoplex or jamman?

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"If you have the input signal too high, you definitely see the frequency
response roll off in the high end. That's why it is important to set the
input level correctly. I typically use the loudest signal with the most
end I expect to use (typically a crash cymbal, or a loud/clean skank guitar
thing) in a loop to set the level to where it does not clip.


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I received my brand new EOP yesterday. Having more or less experience with
the tc 2290, the jamman and the Boomerang I must say it has incredible
features (Multiply, Insert, Undo Overdub, multi loops etc.) that take the
whole process of loopage into a different league. Am impressed with all
those little things you can adjust ('round', quantizise etc. etc.) - too
bad you can't store presets (five or so would do).

Sound quality was no problem at all (although I play guitar only and
tambourine can be a bitch to pick up) nor was setting IN/OUT levels.
Generally I try to get along with the least amount of boxes, shortest
connections etc. in my FX loop chain and nowadays put nothing between the
instrument and the preamp - sounds much better. The 'Rang is a little noisy
but I compensate for that by putting it way back in the signal chain just
before only one of the power amp's stereo inputs (since it is mono) leaving
the other channel untouched.

Best, Andreas (Looking forward to my first EDP'd solo gig next week)