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Re: echoplex or jamman?

I have used both. The jamman sounds so much better it's shocking. The EDP
is very noisy. The EDP uses pre-emphasis/de-emphasis in their converter
topology, this means that any signals with a lot of high end, like from a
fuzzbox, will overload or alias like crazy. The EDP sounds subjectively
dull or cloudy compared to the jamman.

The EDP has a really amazing operating system. The 'multiply' feature is
really great. 

I really wish that they had done a better job with the EDP circuit board
layout, so that the fidelity was higher. The seem to use a decent converter
in the EDP, but Lexicon has such a great design team when it comes to
digital audio....

I think it is important to discuss this issue, since everyone I know who
owns one has complained about the EDP's sound quality, but nobody on this
list has brought this subject up.  

-Chuck Zwicky

At 01:04 AM 10/26/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello guys!
>Im about to buy a looper tool. It'd be either a Jamman or an Echoplex DP.
>I've read thru the specs, but for me (im a beginner on this platform) it's
>like the Echoplex beats the Jamman.
>But then, why some people choosing the Jamman instead the Echoplex?
>i can not afford the two, so please lighten me up!