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Re: echoplex or jamman?

Chuck Zwicky wrote:
> I have used both. The jamman sounds so much better it's shocking. The EDP
> is very noisy. The EDP uses pre-emphasis/de-emphasis in their converter
> topology, this means that any signals with a lot of high end, like from a
> fuzzbox, will overload or alias like crazy. The EDP sounds subjectively
> dull or cloudy compared to the jamman.

ah-hah! Ah-Hah! AH-AHAH!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!  This confirms that 
some puzzling 
problems I've been trying to solve as from the EDP itself!

I play alot of high end stuff into my EDPs and I've had LOTS of trouble.  
Just try a 
tambourine.  The input level shows everything is kosher but IT SOUNDS LIKE 
CRAP!  To control 
the distortion I've resorted to a Behringer compressor and side-chained in 
a high pass filter. 
 The tambourine sounds acceptable and my bass drum isn't compromised too 
much.  I can really 
hear the aliasing you mentioned when I play a ting-sha (sort of a heavy 
finger cymbal) into 
the EDP.

> The EDP has a really amazing operating system. The 'multiply' feature is
> really great.

I agree.  The more I use the EDP, the more I appreciate the interface.

- Dennis Leas