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Re: The Story of our Age & New reading please

I think that there are 2 disticnt pulls happening right now. Things are 
open and full of promise and also on the brink of being really shitty and

Music and Musicians are less important or relevant to "people" these days 
but at
the same time music "itself" is opening up to possibilities that were not
present before. I'm uncertain as to where that leads but i suspect it will 
be a
blurring between the lines of the whats real and whats a matter of 

I also look at the world economies and the the spending power of the g6 
and base a lot of assumptions as to whats happening on economic info you 
can get
anywhere and i forsee rocky and shifting econmic times ahead which is 
always a
big boon to and for music and music making.

Now, thats nothing new or radically different cause the state of 
has always been fluctuating or bouncing between sheer brilliance and or 
ignorance from the beginning of creation except that from where we stand 
music has never been in the position of being experienced as immediately 
or as
en masse as it presently can be experienced and created. And yes of course 
said that when the phonograph was created and the same for tv.

Repetition and simplicity and moreover context will and presently does 
have a
lot more weight where virtuosity and chops used to hold a dominion of 

I feel that "right now" is only a drop of water from the tip of an iceberg 
will appear in perhaps the next 15-25 years coming into its own fully in
possibly 50-75 years from now ( In my own humble and unscientific 
that is :)

I think that the key to the future is kinda gonna be like "Can a 
musician/act or
entity establish something rapidly, deconstruct it and reinvent it just as 
as it has appeared" ? Whatever it will be I get a funny feeling its going 
to be
arcade or videogame like terrain mirroring the cartoonish elements of
imagination that Music is already gravitating toward.

Another perspective I also firmly believe is that eno's little black box 
idea he
came up with is gonna be the standard or of norm. Generative music is the
future.  I sound like that neighbor telling dustin hoffman in the graduate 
he had one word for him: plastics  lol :) that you potentially would have 
could have put together that will be the "en masse" Generative Music will 
be the
standard for popular music in the form of software/applets we buy that 
will run
on either multiple hardware platforms or "Microsoft Only" platforms.

And yes, I'm crazy and opinionated too :)

John Price

David Kirkdorffer wrote:

> Just to offer a non-"gear" thread...
> Seems like my question, "What is the story of our age -- what is the 
> that reflects it?" left most people without a reaction -- seeming either 
> vague or too irrelivant.  OK.
> Here's what i was thinking.
> Maybe:          Jazz was the "sound of the 20's - 50's"
>                 Rock was the "sound of the 50's - 70's"
> In the 80's we experienced the start of a kind of post-modern melange of
> things
> In the 90's we're continuing along the same road -- but increasingly 
> with technology.
> Seems to me that drum & bass and various IDM-oriented music best sum up 
> age we live in:
> Increasing in speed, relentless, fitting more and more intricacies into
> smaller and smaller spaces, crowdedness, the comoditization of emotions 
> that they are less trusted/needed and repetition, repetition, repetition.
> So, it seems to me that Looping-Music is very much working within these
> frames.
> Can anyone direct me to reading (books / magazines) that may discuss the
> relationship between societies and musics they produce (the chicken & egg
> question that has interested me for a lifetime.)???
> Thanks.
> David K

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