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The Story of our Age & New reading please

Just to offer a non-"gear" thread...

Seems like my question, "What is the story of our age -- what is the music
that reflects it?" left most people without a reaction -- seeming either 
vague or too irrelivant.  OK.

Here's what i was thinking.  

Maybe:          Jazz was the "sound of the 20's - 50's"
                Rock was the "sound of the 50's - 70's"

In the 80's we experienced the start of a kind of post-modern melange of
In the 90's we're continuing along the same road -- but increasingly aided
with technology.

Seems to me that drum & bass and various IDM-oriented music best sum up the
age we live in:

Increasing in speed, relentless, fitting more and more intricacies into
smaller and smaller spaces, crowdedness, the comoditization of emotions 
that they are less trusted/needed and repetition, repetition, repetition.

So, it seems to me that Looping-Music is very much working within these


Can anyone direct me to reading (books / magazines) that may discuss the
relationship between societies and musics they produce (the chicken & egg
question that has interested me for a lifetime.)???


David K