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Re: puters in real time

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> about a week ago, i went and saw ed chang "spin 17" at a show here in
> pittsburgh, wonderfully wild and wacky, great on the edge of your seat 
> and i might add, ed is a really nice fellow......the last group on the 
> was a pittsburgh based band, "organization re information", now on tour 
> "man or astro-man".....they "ori" used nothing but power macs. refering 
> to some older posts, it was really neat to see two guys and a gal 
> there playing computer keyboards....there was a good deal of looping 
>going on
> and the sounds (samples) were great, all of this done in real 
> were using their own soft-ware, ive no idea as to what it was because i 
> totally computer ill-literate. even though their music sounded like a 
>group of
> people playing synths sans keyboards it was a treat....with all this talk
> about computer based loopers, if anyone would be interested in getting in
> touch with these folks i will try to find their e-mail address, they may 
> able share some ideas as to what they are using, let me 

this reminds me of a group called skot i saw at the fuse98 *typography*
conference last spring in san francisco; two or three people at high-end
workstations producing not only amazing sampled/looped soundscapes but 
video projections; their brief as follows:

tina frank works in vienna as a graphic designer (inwirements) and runs an
internet agency (u.r.l.), mathias gmachi is a member of farmers manual, 
latest recordings, "explorers_we" have just been released by the or label 
london. as skot, frank and gmachi have directed several music videos for 
the mego
label; they have performed at the 1997 ars electronica festival, the 1997
viennale, and will create live projections for this year's sonar music 
in barcelona.

interesting work in a very dada/cut-up (although i'm sure they wouldn't 
it that way) vein.

lance g.