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Re: cheap acid


I downloaded the demos of both the full $395 verion, "Acid", and the $100 version, "Acid PH 1". I tried them both and they are very similar in "look and feel".

There is no features matrix at the Sonic Foundry site, so it was difficult to compare them in detail. I noticed that "PH 1" doesn't take plugins, and that it doesn't permit stretching of samples. Does anyone know of there are any other differences? Will there be an upgrade price when going from "PH 1" to the full version?



At 02:13 PM 10/30/98 +0000, Marcus Farny wrote:
Hello Loopers,
You think that's cool..check this out: Sonic Foundry is releasing an even
cheaper version of ACID for about $50 bucks. The good part is that it'll
be coming in different 'flavors' (DJ, Rock, etc...), and for your $50,
you'll get a downscaled version of ACID and about 800 loops! 800 LOOPS! I
Just to make sure that everybody understands the different versions of ACID:This version (ph2) is a really stripped down version. It is basically a 8 track sequencer. You do not have the different effects of the midi possibilities. You do however get a lot of loops, and that alone is worth $ 50.00 in my opinion. As a far as I know the following versions should be available within the next couple of weeks. : ACID Rock, DJ.
also heard that some of these loops are totally cool, done by the likes
of Bill Laswell, some well-known guitarists, etc.
You can download some free loops to audition from their web site. www.sonicfoundry.com

I hope this helped.

Marcus Farny

Pocket Fuel / Sound developer Sonic Foundry


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