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Re: low-budget reverb recommendations (?)

>Subject:     low-budget reverb recommendations (?)
>Sent:        12/1/98 5:11 PM
>Received:    12/1/98 12:31 PM
>From:        Jim Carter, Jim.Carter@bristol.ac.uk
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>Does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced 
>reverb unit suitable for live mix? Is the Alesis Nanoverb
>any use for this application? 

Alesis Nanoverb sounds good for what it is, but. . .

>I just need something cheap and cheerful to brighten up the 
>(mainly vocal) mix off a 16 channel deck. I might be tempted to
>a Lexicon MPX100 (for subsequent use with loopy guitar) but
>only if I can get one for below #200.
The Lexicon MPX100 is in a whole other class.  The difference in sound is 
truly remarkable.  I A/B'd both units for a friend of mine who was 
looking at inexpensive reberb boxes.  The MPX100 should be available for 
around $219US.  I think that the list price is going up, if it hasn't 
already from $249US to $299US.  I don't know what the exchange rates are 
these days and such, but you owe it to yourself to at least check it out 
if you can squeek it through your budget.  (No, I don't work for Lexi, I 
just love their stuff)

>Jim Carter

By the way, we have an ex-president by the same name. .-}
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