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OT: B.L.U.E. in Woodstock

I saw BLUE in woodstock tonight. a good show sure to get better by the 
end of the tour - this being the 1st gig and all.

I haven't seen Torn or Bruford in at least 13 years so it was really 
great to check them out in an intimate (if smokey) setting. Rather than 
being dazzled by technical/gizmo wizardry, I found myself most impressed 
by things like Chris Botti's tone (which was wonderful), Bruford's 
relaxed, almost tai-chi like touch & the joy with which Torn & Levin 
approach their playing. not to mention DT's "stompbox ballet" I got the 
feeling I could've seen them playing in a sandbox and been entertained.

The sets were short (~30 min each), and they rocked more for the second 
set than the first.
There was plenty of loopin' happening on Torn's end & lots of 
polyrhythmic madness on both Bruford's & Levin's parts.

If they come to your town check 'em out...