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Re: mixing a looping rig

In a message dated 12/5/98 6:50:17 PM Central Standard Time, 

> what do you mean by this......"as wide open"?.........michael

                                                                 Start at
adjust overall
               run 50%       run 60%                      50%
volume here
main slider----(B)

                                                                 Can adjust
                                0db (Unity)          0db      here too.

Wide open means your preamps, lineout, trim and channel sliders are 
passing as
much signal as possible.  This reduces line level noise, and stops a lossy

I've been working on my overall sound for two years now.  I can dial in a
decent sound in about 20 minutes on my Mackie 1402.   Do yourself a favor 
spend an entire weekend with the board, amps, compressor and eqs.  and hack
until your sound is exactly where you want it, then write all your 
settings on
a piece of paper and start from there the next time you set up.  You'll 
over time that each device input will have its own mix.  
I'll discuss effects loops on the mackie in another note. 
Live vs. Recording settings are completely different approaches.  (another