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Re: low-budget reverb rec(spot the loop content)

In a message dated 01/12/98 17:54:12 GMT, you write:

<< Does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced 
 reverb unit suitable for live mix? Is the Alesis Nanoverb
 any use for this application? 
 I just need something cheap and cheerful to brighten up the 
 (mainly vocal) mix off a 16 channel deck. I might be tempted to
 a Lexicon MPX100 (for subsequent use with loopy guitar) but
 only if I can get one for below #200. >>

MPX100 , very worth it, uses same sounds as a costly MPX1.
............and a 2.5s looper(allows you to play without adding to the 

Alesis, may be a bit 'trebly/digital' sounding, but probably OK live.

Lex Alex, v.good.........1.5s loop which fades.

Zoom 1202 , has a couple of acceptably smooth settings and likely to
be very cheap if you can find one.

Zoom 1201  ,   hundreds of cheap tacky reverbs and a 3s loop if you know 

Andy Butler.