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Re: low-budget reverb rec(spot the loop content)

><< Does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced
> reverb unit suitable for live mix? Is the Alesis Nanoverb
> any use for this application?
> I just need something cheap and cheerful to brighten up the
> (mainly vocal) mix off a 16 channel deck. I might be tempted to
> a Lexicon MPX100 (for subsequent use with loopy guitar) but
> only if I can get one for below #200. >>
>MPX100 , very worth it, uses same sounds as a costly MPX1.
>............and a 2.5s looper(allows you to play without adding to the 
I have a MPX100, and it's got some terrific reverbs. I'm just finishing a
CD for a local pop band, and while I'd normally rent a PCM-80 or -90 for
the final mixes, on this project, because of cost, I just used the MPX.
Sounded great. Every preset on the box sounds good, unlike Alesis or Zoom
or other similarly-priced boxes that may have 1-2 great sounds and the rest
crap. I think I paid $229 for mine, which is slightly above your price
range, but it's really worth it.

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