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Re[2]: mixing a looping rig

Wow... that was quite a reply Jeff! I too use the VLZ with JamMan and 
Vortex and
have sort of settled on this for the meanwhile...


Aux 2 sends to the JM mono and JM mono returns to channel 8 on the 1202VLZ

Alt 3/4 sends stereo to the Vortex inputs and Vortex stereo returns to 
channel 7
on the 1202VLZ

My main stereo guitar signal is input on channel 5 of the VLZ.

Drumbox stereo is on channel 6... (Kick and snare sometimes come back on 
for separate processing.)


This allows me to send either/both main guitar-Jammer-drumbox to the 
Vortex. I 
can also send the Vortex via aux2 to the Jammer if need be... 

I tend to use Aux 1 as a pre-fader send to either my Waldorf 4-pole filter 
or a 
Boss DD-5 Delay pedal depending on mood.

Best Regards,