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Re: I will play loops through them

>hey all,
>Does any body have any experiance with the JBL Eon
>series powered speakers? I have not tried them but
>I am looking for power, affordibility (whats
>that), and above all tone in a compact setup.

JBL's EONs are Great.  I use a couple for my (ever expanding) synth rig.  
They have great sound, sound like JBLs are compact, extremely ruged and 
have plenty of bi-amplified power.  There's also a number of ways they 
can be positioned, including as an upright cab, tilted like a monitor or 
on stands.  Considering that the price includes everything you need to 
amplify your signal, I'd say they are very affordable.  The fifteens 
sound great by themselves, or if you're looking for the ultimate in 
tight, focused, flat sound, get two tens on sticks and couple them with 
the 15 inch sub.

Happy looping,