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Re: I will play loops through them

thanks for all the great tips on everything, this list is the greatest! I
would have floundered around awhile figuring out that Mackie but its up and
running. I am still trying many of the tips from the other users, its deep.


New tune at the lab. a geometry of nature

Doug Tapia wrote:

> >hey all,
> >
> >Does any body have any experiance with the JBL Eon
> >series powered speakers? I have not tried them but
> >I am looking for power, affordibility (whats
> >that), and above all tone in a compact setup.
> >
> >jeff
> >
> Jeff,
> JBL's EONs are Great.  I use a couple for my (ever expanding) synth rig.
> They have great sound, sound like JBLs are compact, extremely ruged and
> have plenty of bi-amplified power.  There's also a number of ways they
> can be positioned, including as an upright cab, tilted like a monitor or
> on stands.  Considering that the price includes everything you need to
> amplify your signal, I'd say they are very affordable.  The fifteens
> sound great by themselves, or if you're looking for the ultimate in
> tight, focused, flat sound, get two tens on sticks and couple them with
> the 15 inch sub.
> Happy looping,
> -doug