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Re: Multiple Loops question

> ...  I don't mean layering on one loop and then clicking to a parallel, 
> unrelated loop for another section.  I mean having loops 1 - 2 - 3 - 
> running simultaneously in parallel, and being able to turn off #2 for a 
> passes, then bring it back in and  turn off #4, etc.  You know, like an 
> 8-track mixer with track mute buttons, or like a sampler where you can 
> multiple samples  while others are playing.

Hi John... Bob Sellon from Lexicon has attempted to do this Channel 
approach to 
looper programming in an upgrade to the JamMan... Whether it's out of the 
phase and running smoothly is anyone's guess.

OTOH you can easily achieve this approach with an old TEAC 3340 (is that 
number?) 4 track deck. Of course you end up with giant rabbit ears and 
hanging out in space... 8-)