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Re: Multiple Loops question

>Subject: Multiple Loops question
>Which -- if any -- of these boxes will let you play multiple loops
>simultaneously?  I don't mean layering on one loop and then clicking
>to a parallel, but unrelated loop for another section.  I mean having
>loops 1 - 2 - 3 - 4... running simultaneously in parallel, and being
>able to turn off #2 for a couple passes, then bring it back in and 
>turn off #4, etc.  You know, like an 8-track mixer with track mute
>buttons, or like a sampler where you can trigger multiple samples 
>while others are playing.

I've wondering about this as well - my dream looper would be all of the 
above w/ pitch modulation, the ability to save the loops to a SCSI 
device,  Full MIDi support and onboard FX ('verb at least). It Doesn't 
seem like it's too much to ask for but until I get an advanced E.E. 
degree  I'll be  hoping that my EDP &  sampler (an ASR10) will have 
puppies one night...