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Re: MIDI Sync for Echoplex and Live Setup

Thanks for comments from Martin and Kim. I'll try it again and see
what happen.

By the way, I didn't mention that one reason I bring the laptop on
stage is to play pre-recorded loops (since I used Logic Audio on Mac)
in real time with drummer and myself playing the EDP. I have to play
these pre-cooked loops since they are heavily processed (like pitch
shifted and harmonic changed).

I think some of you will prefer to bring a sampler, like ASR-10, S3000
or S760 (like David Torn). However, I'm using SampleCell at home, I
can't bring it out. Second, I have almost all my recordings with Logic
Audio. I can simply mute those MIDI sequences and let band member to

It may sound a bit ironic to some of you, but I just don't want
everything "pre-cooked", and I would like to do some improvisatios,
both for solo and loops on stage.

---Martin Shellard <martins@celtic.co.uk> wrote:
> >One of my setup is to use a drum machine as a master MIDI clock and
> >let my drum hear it directly. However, the drum machine has a low
> >volume and the drummer cannot hear when everyone plays. I was
> >to use a PC lab top but it failed me with the above problem.
> >
> >Anyone has better suggestion for the simplest setup so that I can
> >a "click" for my drummer?
> Yes, buy a headphone amplifier for your drummer to monitor the click 
> through. Taking a pc laptop onstage? why that's just crazy talk!
> Martin Shellard

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