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Re: MIDI Sync for Echoplex and Live Setup

At 9:53 AM -0800 12/10/98, H IP wrote:
>Dear all,
>I sync-ed my computer (with Logic Audio on Mac and Cubase VST on PC)
>to EDP via MIDI (Computer as master). After I've recorded a couple of
>"Next" loops, the EDP is out of sync with the computer. I found the
>start point is drifting and finally my EDP is complete out of sync
>with the computer. However, it sometimes go back in sync after I
>"Mute" and un-"Mute".
>I'm using the latest s/w version 5.0 which is supposed to be perfect
>for MIDI sync. I've two units of EDP and they have the same problem.
>Anyone has similar experience?

Well, that should work. (It's always worked great for me, anyway...:-)

check the following parameter settings:

SwitchQuant = CYC
Quantize = On
Sync = IN
8ths/beat = something appropriate to your sequence

Sounds to me like you might have SwitchQuant off?  Also, watch the sync
LEDs. While the clock is going you should see the dot on the far right of
the numeric display blink at each cycle point. That tells you the echoplex
is seeing the clock. Once you have a loop going, you should see the
second-from-the-right dot blink at the same time as the rightmost one, at
the startpoint. That one blinks each time the echoplex syncs the loop with
the clock, at the start point. It should remain consistent with beginning
of the bar of your sequencer (or whatever time increment you use). It
shouldn't get off when you switch loops either, unless somehow you are
switching out of time, without waiting for the echoplex to switch it
automatically at the sync point. Or it could happen if you force one of the
other loops to record out of sync (by pressing record again during the
period when it is waiting for the sync, which is sometimes useful.)


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