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Re: OT: B.L.U.E. tour

Marzzz@aol.com mighta writ:

>He seems to be using pretty much the same pedals as in his video....some
>differences I noted at the Chicago show- he has "industrial" switches on
>EDP controller pedal, and he hwas one of those volume pedals with the 
>of lights (I don't recall the brand).

pedals were these:
visual volume wah (disconnected from a.c., ie: minus the lightshow & wah)
tc compressor/para eq, tc 12-stage phaser
guyatone wr2
boss aw2, boss analog delay
z-vex seekwah, z-vex fuzzfactory

>Oh, btw, it was a fantastic show......

>and yes, Bruford is pretty funny.