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Re: Uber Looper interface ideas

In a message dated 12/13/98 4:59:09 AM, evening@ulster.net writes:

<<Obviously being able to control the volumes of 8 or more loops at the 
same time would be difficult with only two feet - there will always be 
limits. Maybe a row of 8 "rang style rollers, each with a mute button - 
might as well throw in a Global volume roller & mute button too!  - and a 
chair so you don't fall on your ass...We will all succumb to 

One thing we should keep in mind is that when you have a bunch of loops
playing, you may reach a point where you can take your hands off of your
soundsource (guitar perhaps?) and start modulating things by hand, so maybe
the extremely complex pedal may not be needed. Watching DT perform with
B.L.U.E this past week, there were several instances where he really got
things going (seemingly only with the EDP and the Lex42) and was actually
reaching over and just playing knobs (DT really needs to get out more 
often! I
learned a great deal watching him....).

......and as for Fripp, he would get up and walk off stage....