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Uber Looper interface ideas

>At the very minimal, I'd think you would want this footcontroller to have 
>set of switches to select which track you are currently operating on,
>another set of function switches,...
>What about mixing? you also want to control which tracks the inputs are
>going to, and control the mix of all the loop tracks and the inputs going
>to the output. 

>You'll need quite a display to show you what's going on with all these
>different tracks (loop time for each, current function operating,
>multiple#'s, sync status, etc, etc...). In fact, we want to access a file
>system over scsi or whatever and probably deal with lots of parameters. So
>we'll throw in a nice graphical display with some function keys and
>parameter editing knob. And lots of knobs, right? ...
>So somehow, a meta interface is needed, something to put the user a
>notch above the detailed interface so he/she/it can truly manipulate
>multiple tracks simultaneously, and still remain musically creative. Any
>thoughts on that? Is there a genius in the house to crack this nut?

<major snippage>

Kim brings up some good points and unlike myself, he has a clue since he 
worked on the EDP -  but as long as I'm dreaming...

Here's my idea for an uberpedal:

An EDP-like display on the footpedal would do well for everything except 
loading from a SCSI device although I think that an LCD panel would be 
more informative that LED.

The  "Next Loop" or Loop increment button and appropriate "L1-L8" on the 
display be enough to indicate what loop is currently controlled by the 
pedalboard. possibly the volume as well. The display on my sampler only 
shows me info about one track/instrument at a time - it works for most 

A CV pedal or two built into the larger footpedal (ala ART's X-15 
Ultrafoot) one for Volume & the other for Pitch modulation or feedback.

Kim's idea's for assignable switches is great - maybe the pedalboard can 
be a giant PC1600!

Obviously being able to control the volumes of 8 or more loops at the 
same time would be difficult with only two feet - there will always be 
limits. Maybe a row of 8 "rang style rollers, each with a mute button - 
might as well throw in a Global volume roller & mute button too!  - and a 
chair so you don't fall on your ass...We will all succumb to 

As for maintaining muscial creativity...ahem...I'm still workin' on that