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Re: Doctor Nerve's Loopmachine

Welcome to the list,

For some reason I am unable to get that loop machine to do anything. I 
have been
there before and my java works, usually. I have downloaded the 26 events 
and put
them into Acid by Sonic Foundry, wow what a rush! I got them jamming with 
Torn and Bob Wills to a hip hop drum groove. sheesh

btw, any advice from anybody on a device such as Sans Amp or the H&K 
Redbox for
an amp simulator. Stereo would be nice.


Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:

> Hi, all...
>         Here's something you all might enjoy online. This is a java 
> loopmachine set up by Nick Didkovsky, guitarist of NY avant-jazz monsters
> Doctor Nerve. There are instructions at the site. I've come up with some
> intersting stuff here. Here's the URL:
> .shtml
> Sincerely,
> Jeff McLeod
> __________________________________________
> This is not here--
> And now is almost over...