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Re: Doctor Nerve's Loopmachine

        What you might want to try to do at the loopmachine site is this:

After you type in your event number and have entered the millisecond
value--hit your enter key. That should trigger the event--and all
subsequent entries that you make. If this doesn't work, just email Nick
from the link at the site, and perhaps he can help get it straight.
        Doctor Nerve has a CD that has 44 of those Nerve Events on it--for 
sequencing on your CD player. So many people used those pieces to make new
and larger ones that the band released a CD called Transforms, which is
nothing but those outside arrangements.

Jeff McLeod

At 05:55 AM 12/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Welcome to the list,
>For some reason I am unable to get that loop machine to do anything. I
have been
>there before and my java works, usually. I have downloaded the 26 events
and put
>them into Acid by Sonic Foundry, wow what a rush! I got them jamming with
>Torn and Bob Wills to a hip hop drum groove. sheesh
>btw, any advice from anybody on a device such as Sans Amp or the H&K
Redbox for
>an amp simulator. Stereo would be nice.
>Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:
>> Hi, all...
>>         Here's something you all might enjoy online. This is a java 
>> loopmachine set up by Nick Didkovsky, guitarist of NY avant-jazz 
>> Doctor Nerve. There are instructions at the site. I've come up with some
>> intersting stuff here. Here's the URL:
>> .shtml
>> Sincerely,
>> Jeff McLeod
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