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Re: recording question

Hi Jeff,
        I use a VS880 and love it.

At 11:47 PM 12/13/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Howdy again...
>       Do any of you use a Roland VX series hard disc recorder? I was 
>in getting one, but was curious about some of the mixdown capabilities.
>Here's the question--for anyone who can answer:
>Let's say you've got 8 full tracks ready to mix down, and you've got the
>VS-880 with the CD burning kit. Are you able to mix those 8 tracks 
>to the CD--or do you have to sub-mix down to two-track stereo somehow?
        I don't have the CD burnier, but a a subscriber to the 880 list 
too can be a part-try going to http://www.virtualstudio.org/index2.html and
signing up.  If that doesn't work-and it might not as there have been
problems with the list server-there's a big surprise,eh?) here's what I've
found out.
        You have to mix to stereo before making a playable CD (you can
archive all 8 tracks to CD as a backup copy).  There's stuff at the
aformentioned website that goes into depth about the mixdown from 8-2 
using effects.
        The effects in the 880 are very good.  There are a lot of folks 
extensive experience in the recording world on the list and no one is shy
about their opinions.   Check the site out and if you have any questions
email me off list and I'll see if I can be any help.

Frank Gerace