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Re: jungle funk in da house


saw them 2 times here in Florence, Italy. I have the CD (bad "produced" in 
days) but the show is incredible...


At 20:14 14.12.98 +0100, you wrote:
>hi all you loopin' guys out there!
>yesterday i got the chance to see jungle funk live in dornbirn/ austria 
>the first time, and belive me, it was something very special to me.
>they also recorded their live-cd named "jungle funk" in this club (conrad
>sohm) in april, so it was kinda like a 'we are back, see what we got for
>you, folks- party! 
>it was an amazing gig, they playd for 3 1/2 hours, 20minutes drum-solo
>included. doug wimbish and will calhoun also played 2 living color songs,
>then the whole club sang 'happy birthday' for vinx. he celebrated his
>bithday on his own way: on stage & singin' some traditionals, just with 
>voice, jamman, and djembe!
>after the show i had the chance to look at doug's bass & looping rig -
>quite impressive!!!
>... a memorable night ...
>if you get the chance to see them, don't miss that oportunity