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Re: EDP mailorder

>I am ready to order a second EDP but 8th Street Music, who I normally deal
>with, doesn't think they can get any in - they are under the impression 
>Oberheim is no longer shipping.
>Can you clarify the situation?

sure, they're wrong (deja vu! didn't we do this a month ago, precipitating
the "group buy"?).

According to the big kahuna at the Oberheim division (who is now the big
kahuna for the electar division too) any gibson dealer can order one, from
their gibson rep or the inside sales line at gibson. echoplexes are being
shipped without any trouble, and have been for a long time. Maybe these
guys are confused by recent division shuffling at Gibson?  although other
dealers don't seem to have that problem. go somewhere else.

according to gibson, its actually much easier to get echoplexes now than it
used to be. You used to have to find an actual Oberheim dealer, since they
had oberheim's dealer network separate from the rest of gibson's for some
reason. There weren't very many OB dealers, so that wasn't so great. Now
they have all the dealers combined, so any gibson dealer can get
echoplices. I think they did kill off all the other Oberheim products, with
the echoplex actually now being handled by the "electar" division (which
also includes trace elliot and maestro, I think). But from the outside it
looks the same, you can still call Oberheim and get an OB guy on the phone.
In fact, call them to find a good dealer: 877-OBERHEIM (877-623-7434) or
obie@gibson.com. they're quite helpful.


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