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Re: EDP mailorder

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Kim Flint wrote:

> >According to one of the guys I tend to trust, 8th st has *always* had
> >trouble ordering stuff form Oberheim. Things not being sent on time or
> >not at all is a common theme.
> Oberheim was really screwed up for a long time, but for the past year
> they've been quite good. those guys did a good job of turning things 
> in a short time.

I will gracefullly point out I haven't had any dealings with Oberheim in
the past year (via 8th st or otherwise).

They certainly did have problems but quite frankly if Kim Flint says
they're straightened out I'd say they are. If a dealer says they can't (or
won't) be able to get an EDP then by all means go to another!

And EPD is (IMO) Far better than the vintage units around at almost the
same price. Hit up the LD wed page and do the input/compression mods
and/or get the new ROM and you'll be cooking!


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