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Re: tap tempo drum machines

Hi Todd,
You can slave your drum machine to your jamen. Then when you tap in your
loop, at the second tap the drumbox will start playing in sync. You may 
to adjust your drum boxs midi assignment.
 But no I have not seen tap tempo drum machine, if you find one let me 


Todd Quincy wrote:

> does anyone use a tap tempo drum machine with their rig. I use a boss dr
> 660 to slave my 2 jammen but then my band is restiricted to jamming
> within a certian time from the beginning, i would like to be able to set
> the clock in mid jam by tapping a drum machine just as i would a jamman
> but be in exact clock. this would allow for the perfect hybrid of
> traditional band jams (preferred by most) and the looping jams
> (preferred by folks like us)