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LD Volume 2


Since I see no other posts about this I am wondering if I am the first
on the block to recieve the Loopers Delight Volume 2 CD.

After 2 listenings, first impression is that it is wonderful.  The
artwork is beautiful, the audio is a musical adventure.   The
exploration of sounds, the broad acceptance of what is music, the
willingness to try something different or peculier is clearly shown on
this volume.    

The flow from title to title is remarkable.  Whoever sequenced these
22 compositions should get an award.   I don't see how music so varied
can flow and connect as well as it does.  The audio quality is
excellant, as well.

I get the feeling that we could all get in one room together and just
start playing, and create a joyous noise (or a hell of a noise)
without saying a word.  It is great to hear samples  of the music that
you make.  I want to hear more.  I want to meet more of you folks.  
We really must have a loopers convention.  May I suggest Boulder, CO 
Any seconds to that? Bryan, Edwin?

Many thanks to Matt and Jeff for the organizing and legwork to pull
this CD together.  Thanks to Peter Pauley for the cover/liner art. 
Thanks to each of you contributing to LD Volume 2.   I am proud of all
of  you, and grateful to be able to participate with you on this 

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