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Re: LD Volume 2

>I get the feeling that we could all get in one room together and just
>start playing, and create a joyous noise (or a hell of a noise)
>without saying a word.  It is great to hear samples  of the music that
>you make.  I want to hear more.  I want to meet more of you folks.
>We really must have a loopers convention.  May I suggest Boulder, CO
>Any seconds to that? Bryan, Edwin?

Well, I have been doing a show of looping at Penny Lane here in Boulder
every few months and it would be very cool to get a big jam going of this
sort, so not only am I open to this, I also have a possible venue. The only
real restriction is that volume cannot be hugely loud. Getting here is
another question!


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO