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Re: uncompilation

At 8:37 PM -0800 12/18/98, bryan.helm@dinosaur.com wrote:
>As a consequence of reading this list almost every day
>for most of it's existance, I've come to the conclusion
>that the 4th Looper's Delight CD should be titled simply..
>              "Unsubscribe"

no, it would be titled "Unsusribbe", and the follow up would be "Stop
sending me your fucking mail! I didn't subbcribe to this fucking list!!
Take me off NOW!"

actually, these things happen much less frequently since we got the list
software updated. It now recognizes far more bizarre spelling variations of
"unsubscribe", and most of the ones sent to the list address are filtered
off to the request server. (although a few sneak by.) Even hotmail
addresses work now, although I sortof miss seeing hotmail users getting
apoplectic and threatening my life over being on the list two days longer
than they wanted to be.  ahh, the good old days....


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