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As a consequence of reading this list almost every day
for most of it's existance, I've come to the conclusion
that the 4th Looper's Delight CD should be titled simply..


Given the nature of such things, estimated release date will
be well into the next century.....no criteria of import will
be used in selecting the work to be included... and the cover
graphics will be done by an artist of less than 10 years of age...
looks to be a possible double disc deal already...did I mention
there will be a non-refundable 25 cent($0.25) fee for submission?
This "unlurked" jab is intended for amusement purposes only and
no wagering is allowed.

                        Continuing to avoid being the subject
of the "loop of the week"...

                             Bryan Helm
                        "Techno-Primitive Tantrum Boy"