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Re: rang-o-mania

        The aux inputs should be optimized for most consumer-level stuff, 
but you
could try different input settings on the 'Rang using the regular
inputs--you could even use an A/B box in order to do this. This way, you'd
have a trim control and an input type select switch to get the level you
needed. I've found that a bit of experimentation with it usually yields the
result you're looking for. You could also compare the output of your home
CD player or some other source, and be able to see if you portable just
wasn't putting out much of a signal. If all else fails, email Mike at
Boomerang at:


Please let me know if any of this helps or not. Good luck!

Jeff McLeod

At 03:31 PM 12/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Abouyt using the Aux input on the rang...  I tried to use my portable CD
>player with the rang on my tour last summer, but I couldn't get enough
>volume from either the line our or headphones out.  Is this a problem with
>the rang, or is there something I'm missing?
>       Kevin
>Kevin Goldsmith                                kevin@unitcircle.com
>Unit Circle Media                      http://www.unitcircle.com/
This is not here--
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