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A seasonal gift (sorta) plus news for UK loopers (mainly)

     Hi eveyone
     In the spirit of seasonal sharing etc. I've just uploaded an MP3 file 
     (approx 1.4Mb) with a deconstruction of a Yule-tide classic I used to 
     sing as a boy several decades ago - it lives at:
     And spreading good will throughout the UK - a few of you may recall 
     gig at the British Library's new(ish) building at St. Pancras, here 
     London, UK.
     I have since been in touch with Tony Panayi of Global Village 
     Productions who organised several other music events there during 
     1998. He is hoping to put some concerts on starting around March 
     Still nothing definite, subject to agreement with the BL etc etc. 
     However if you're at all interested, send him a tape at his 
     Tony Panayi
     Global Village Productions
     37 Store Street
     London WC1E 7BF
     His phone number - 07050 311870 - is a message answeing thing so he 
     can be difficult to contact. I can't say if anything will come of 
     - obviously I hope so, cos I'm on a promise of a gig myself, but for 
     the cost of a C60 I can't see it'll hurt.
     Anyways over to you
     Cheers and best wishes to you & yours from me & mine