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Re: demo mp3

At 00:24 19.12.98 -0800, you wrote:
>At 5:48 AM -0800 12/18/98, Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
>>Hi guys
>>I've just uploaded a little demo mp3 files containing some short 
>examples of
>>my sampling and sequencing work.
>>The file is CAVALLOdemo.mp3 (1.7M) on the ftp.teklab.com site. directory:
>Hey Leo! some really nice bits in there. When can we hear the whole 

thanks Kim

I have several tracks done but those bits are samples from groove CDs I 
every month for an italian magazine (Cubase magazine). 
That mp3 contains only the "mixed" version of the grooves. Each trax has 
single instruments and parts too, so to be used by others.

As soon as possibile I'm going to upload more complete tracks on the same
ftp stite (ftp.teklab.com).


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