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Forthcoming MP3.com looping CD

Hi y'all,

A little shameless plug in advance of the festive season...

I'm currently working on a guitar & looper solo CD, to be made
available through MP3.com's DAM scheme. There are a couple of sample
tracks available for download from my page on the site, and I'll be
uploading more as I complete more pieces for the project. Feel free to
drop by


and take a listen - the tracks currently there are around 4-5Mb
downloads, but some shorter ones will be winging their merry way to
MP3.com shortly (including a sequence of ten sixty-second pieces).
Recording for the project should be completed by the spring of next
year, after which I intend to release the CD (which carries a working
title of "Over The Bridge") via my MP3.com page.

BTW, for those who've been posting on the subject of the Boomerang
looper: I use it all over these recordings, as I did with my previous
project ("Through The Arch Window" - still available online at
www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Amphitheatre/5117/). It's turned my
guitar style around in the space of six months...

Thanks for reading, and happy Christmas to all LD readers!

  +--------------+  Tim Walker
  { o          o }  Staines, Middlesex, UK
  {      []      }  tawalker@dircon.co.uk
  { \__________/ }  http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~tawalker/
"You can't always wait for a composer to write the music you
want to play."                                (Derek Bailey)