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EH 16 sec delay copy

>In a message dated 12/17/98 10:58:12 PM EST, martins@pwdu.demon.co.uk 
>> m in the UK but don't know anyone who mods Roland but I do know a guy
>>  who builds rackmounted EH 16 second delay replicas. I have one and it
>>  sounds great. If anyone is interested I'll glad mail them the details. 
>>  Martin Shellard
>do tell

To all who replied and are curious:

I don't have the guy's address on me right now but I can tell you that the 
delay comes in a 19" rack with a footpedal to control bypass,loop on/off, 
Fast/Slow speed and Forward/Bacward playback. The front panel has all 
these controls plus an lfo rate and depth, feedback and a clix control (I 
think for syncing to some kind of input but no midi).
On the back panel are mono in/out, power out for the footpedal,clix input 
and power in. The power supply is internal so for the US it would need to 
be converted (or ordered for US spec)
To get the 16 sec you have to use the slow speed p[layback which lowers 
sample rate and so sounds different to high speed but it's a great sound. 
In fact I often play guitar through on slow set to short delay and no 
feedback with lfo on just for this sound.
It has that great mellow sound that the EH has
AFAIK it's electronically authentic replica and it's performance reflects 
The build quality is a little home made but as they are built to order I 
guess he'll use higher spec components (switches and buttons etc.) if you 
ask for them.
When I got one the price was about 400 UK sterling. This isn't cheap for 
what it is but when you see the originals going for $1000+....if you can 
find one.
It's more roadworthy than the original and sound great.
I will post contact details privately to anyone that is interested.

Martin Shellard