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Re: Music suggestions?

Keenan Lawler wrote:

> At 12:53 AM 12/20/98 -0600, you wrote:
> Hi Jeff-
> >       What I like is the darker stuff. Atonal, noisy or even 
>ambient--just as
> >long as it has an edge of danger to it. I
> >Check out Frontier from Chicago.E.A.R.from UK..Robert Rich. Final 
> from Godflesh)Have you heard any of the stuff Pauline Oliveros recorded 
> the Fort Worden cistern?Its amazing very ambient dark & beautiful 
> for natural decay time of the enviroment itself-45 secs!!Wow too many
> sounds to metion here.lotta music out there..
>                check out Forced Exposures website.Its very informative 
> full of great obscure -underground  music   KLAW
> >    I most definately agree.