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RE: speakers????

The speakers I use on my PC are actually a pair of Chinese knockoffs of 
mini-speakers, and put out 120W per channel (not that I've used the volume
much, but I checked once with a loop going, turned 'em up and went outside,
to hear no distortion), with separate volume, bass and treble adjustments.

They cost $29.  Is that cheap enough for you?  Bought 'em in Covina at one
of a million PC stores, near the WalMart Monolith.

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> ola all.....i play my music through my stereo system.....my
> very old klh
> speakers are falling apart.....any ideas on inexpensive (and
> i stress this
> word) speakers.....i would like to get 4 so i can always play the "big
> room"......also, some time ago there was some talk about the
> digitec "space
> station" pedal.....is it worth looking at?.....i would like
> to wish you all a
> very merry christmas.........and send a special thanks to kim for his
> wonderful work for all of us...........michael