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Re: speakers????

>ola all.....i play my music through my stereo system.....my  very old klh
>speakers are falling apart.....any ideas on inexpensive (and i stress this
>word) speakers.....i would like to get 4 so i can always play the "big
>room"......also, some time ago there was some talk about the digitec 
>station" pedal.....is it worth looking at?.....i would like to wish you 
>all a
>very merry christmas.........and send a special thanks to kim for his
>wonderful work for all of us...........michael

I had this trouble with my old smaller Advents. The surrounds on the
woofers completely s*** the bed. I was looking at over $100 to recone them
until I discovered speakerkits.com. they sold me new surrounds for $15 and
although I had some trepidation, it worked great. They also have some kits
that involve components that are very close to some popular less expensive
monitors, since they design and manufacture the woofer for this said
monitor.  When I save up come $$$, I will be trying out one of their kits.
They also have manufactured speakers for Eugene OR sites, such as club PAs,
university installations, etc and the prices are great! Kenneth was very


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO