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Re: unsubscribe

At 5:20 AM -0800 12/20/98, Colin Jenkinson wrote:
>To unsubscribe from most of these majordomo lists, I believe you need
>to send the message to majordomo@ari.net and in the body of the
>message write unsubscribe [mail list name].


well, lists are not necessarily run by the majordomo program, so you don't
want to go assuming that. This one, for example, uses Smartlist. So
majordomo commands won't work on the Looper's Delight list server. Also,
"majordomo@ari.net" would only apply to lists running on a server at the
ari.net domain. I have no idea what ari.net is, but it certainly has
nothing to do with this list! In general, mailing lists are automated
programs running on a server at the domain where they come from. You need
to send proper commands to that server if you want it to do things like
subscribing and unsubscribing. Usually there is a special address for that
purpose. What you definitely don't want to do is send a post to the list
with something like "please unsubscribe me from the list NOW!" because it
is quite unlikely that you will accomplish much other than irritation
and/or snickering among the other subscribers.

In general, the best advice for unsubscribing from a mailing list is to
save that set of instructions you got when you subscribed, and follow them
when you want to leave!

If you somehow "misplaced" those critical instructions that ask you not to
"misplace" them, or if, say, an employee at your company somehow subscribes
the tech support address by mistake and nobody knows where those
instructions might be, then another approach is to go to the basic web page
where the list is coming from and try to find the unsubscribe instructions
there. In the case here that might be http://www.annihilist.com, where
indeed you see a link for "Looper's Delight", the name of the list.
Following that link, you see another page containing a link for "Mailing
List Info" (http://www.annihilist.com/loop/list/LoopList.html), and low and
behold, there you can find instructions for unsubscribing from the list!

Or if that approach fails you, you could always send a private message to
another subscriber politely asking if they might be able to remind you of
the unsubscribe instructions.

A little bit of patience and common sense, and you'll figure it out. And
sorry for snideness, but ya know I just can't help it. ;-)


Kim Flint                   | Looper's Delight
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