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Re: Music suggestions?

I should also recommend the Bill Horist cd, also on Unit Circle.  I wasn't
crazy about Bill's live show at the time, and it took me a while to get 
the CD, but I really like it now.  Prepared guitar with a bunch of effects
(I think he had a Jamman, and a pedal detuner was used prominently live)
making totally alien sounds.  Some is fairly low key ambient, some is more
noisy.  Sounds like mostly improv, with little discernible structure, but
the cd doesn't sound aimless, which was my main criticism of the live show.
I'm probably not doing a great job describing the disc, but it's hard. It's
basically solo guitar that sounds more like a synth and percussion ignoring
traditional rules of music, which were useless anyway.  The cd also 
several duets which are very fine as well.
http://www.amz.com/labels/UnitCircle/releases/tUC045.html  has a bunch of
info, and I'm sure Kevin does as well.


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>You must check out Bethany Curve and SubArachnoid Space.  There are
>samples of them at http://www.amz.com/labels/UnitCircle/listen.html
>yes, it's my label, but I think it's a good suggestion anyways.
> Kevin
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