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RE: Music suggestions?

>From:  Jeff & Vonda McLeod[SMTP:subversive@mindspring.com]
>Sent:  December 20, 1998 1:53 AM

>       What I like is the darker stuff. Atonal, noisy or even 
>ambient--just as
>long as it has an edge of danger to it. I do appreciate artists who have a
>nice balance of dark and light, too. I'm currently listening to a band
>called Hovercraft, who are improv-based and have blown the cobwebs out of
>my skull. Just guitar, bass and drums--but it all sounds like something
>right from a murderer's brain. Very disturbing.

Although this thread seems to have been and gone already, I thought I'd 
add a late contribution. Not only to make a suggestion, but because this 
is the third list on which the subject of 
dark/scary/creepy/dangerous-sounding music has arisen in the last month!! 
(at least of the ones to which I belong). Now that's creepy in itself; the 
same topic, independently, on three different lists. As far as I know, I'm 
the only common factor, and I didn't start it in any of the cases.

My suggestion on the other two lists was "Electric Storm," by White Noise 
from way back in '69. I don't know for sure if there's any looping going 
on, but wouldn't be surprised. The first five tracks are more pop 
oriented, but the last two (side two on wonderful vinyl) are very creepy. 
The last track "Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell" is the theme tune 
for my radio show, named after the album. BTW, if anyone out there would 
like to send promo material our way, I'd be more than happy to play it. 
You can get the address from: 
http://www.sac.ryerson.ca/ckln/html/about/ContactCKLN.html . I play all 
sorts of stuff, not just dark/gloomy, so don't worry about style (unless 
it's ultra-commercial sounding - the weirder the better). If you send it 
to the attention of "Electric Storm" it should get to me fairly quickly.

Have a good new year, all.

Jim Bailey