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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #263

>>I'd have to say that if they're going
>>to rename the Echoplex, I'd suspect another impending long delay for new
>>units, service, etc. Ah...life in the soap opera of the looping
>>underworld continues business-as-usual.
>no need to be so cynical. I think the transition is largely complete
>already, with no serious bumps expected. It seems to me that they've made
>it ok. Nobody's said anything here anyway, and you guys usually scream
>about everything, so it must be safe! :-)   But ya know, you could always
>call them yourself and see how it's going.

I haven't called them because I only have one Echoplex, and I'm waiting 
for the second one through the group buy.  I need the Echoplex for gigs 
several times a week, and haven't had a backup.  I'll be pleased as punch 
if they can turn it around in 7-10 days, but if some part goes on 
backorder for a few weeks it means nothing to Gibson but I'm flat fucked 
at that point, so I'll wait until I've got my second unit in hand.

Travis Hartnett